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              Seal Assistance

              Darcoid has experience in seal selection, design, and optimization. Due to this level of expertise, we are able to assist you in developing the optimum seal package for your application. Our seal specialists can evaluate material, design, type and class of seal as well as sourcing options. By asking questions about your critical seal requirements, we will be able to provide exceptional assistance in the optimization of your seal design.

              Value Add Programs

              Best-in-class Quality Assurance and industry leading Supply Chain Management. There are many distributors who can talk about seals, but at Darcoid, we live and breathe them. Our experience in optimizing seal program performance, quality and cost for OEMs sets us apart from the rest. Our customers trust us to source and manage their seal supply chain so they can focus on their business. Our value-added programs are desinged to be integrated into your processes based on your company goals and requirements. With our four global distribution centers - located in California, Texas, UK, Taiwan - you inventory can easily be located near your plant. Our experience in managing seal supply chains uniquely qualifies us as your choice for seal supplier. Our quality assurance programs generate best-in-class manufacturing support and ensure what you specify is what you are going to get. 

              Engineered Solutions

              Value engineering and Innovative Solutions. You can count on Darcoid and CrestTec to get it right. Whether or not you know the exact seal you need, we will ensure the right seal ends up in your hands. Our engineers have over 20 years experience with different applications whether it be in general industrial, specialized semiconductor seal tech, or fluid power. With this advanced knowledge, we are able to find a sealing solution for your unique set of performance requirements.