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              Medical Components & Assemblies

              With extensive in-house prototype and production tooling capabilities, the Medical Systems Division offers medical and pharmaceutical OEMs a wide range of medical grade contract-molding services at its six manufacturing facilities in California and Indiana.. These services include liquid silicone injection molding (LIM/LSR), silicone injection & flash-less-molding, organic rubber injection & flash-less molding, compression molding as well as extensive thermoplastic and TPE/TPU injection molding  We also manufacture medical grade silicone tubing, medical devices and electrosurgical instruments to individual OEM's specifications. 

              We use tested and certified medical and implantable grade silicone, thermoplastic, and TPE base materials from the key material suppliers for molding its elastomeric medical components. Parker’s Medical Systems Division also offers its customers customized material formulations whenever necessary per the OEM's specific functional requirements.

              All of our contract-molding is done in ISO 9001:2000 certified facilities. Depending on the OEM's specified requirements, we mold the components in either Class 10,000 or Class 100,000 clean rooms. Implantable components and devices are molded, assembled, and fabricated in one of our FDA Registered, ISO 13485 facilities. Non-critical components are molded in one of our clean "white-rooms."