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      Extruded Profiles : Extruded Profiles

      Hollow Spliced O-Rings

      Parker Offers Improved Splicing Capability for Solid and Hollow Profile Seals

      Darcoid works with Parker’s JBL Division precision extrusion and spliced products offer an ideal, cost-effective sealing solution for many applications. These include low-closure force seals, large diameter profiles that cannot be molded, hollow cross-section cord or requirements for non-standard O-rings and other extruded profiles with an inside diameter larger than 2.500 inches.

      Product Capability: The JBL Division’s splicing and fabrication capabilities continue to expand:

      Size Capability

      • Cross-sections: .040” to 1.00
      • Spliced I.D.'s 2.500” and larger


      • Silicone
      • Fluorosilicone
      • EDPM
      • Fluorocarbon
      • Nitrile

      Durometer’s range from 40 to 90 Shore A

      Profile Cross-Sections

      Darcoid offers an almost unlimited variation of cross-section profiles. Shown above are only a few of the more common extruded profile configurations currently available.

      Markets and Potential Applications

      • Outdoor Electronics & Communications Enclosures

      • Electronic Equipment Transit Cases

      Handheld Electronics & Communication Devices

      •Semiconductor Applications

      •Power Generation Plants

      •Low-closure Force Sealing Requirements

      •Automotive Applications

      •Non-Standard O-rings & Hollow O-rings with I.D.’s greater than 2.500

      Features and Advantages of Spliced Products

      1. Superior hot vulcanization capability (High bond integrity).

      2. No tooling required for standard O.D. / I.D. combinations.

      3. Exclusive use of quality, sealing-grade materials.

      4. Ease of adjusting closure force by adjustment of cross-section design, C/S I.D. or durometer.

      5. Hollow cross-sections are excellent replacements for foam or sponge gaskets, offering superior compression set resistance.

      6. Interference-fit designs with asymmetrical solid or hollow cross-sections for ease of assembly in seal grooves without adhesives or mechanical retainers.

      7. Low-cost option for static face or radial face seal O-rings over 2.500” I.D.

      8. Can be used in non-standard grooves.

      Hollow Spliced O-Rings

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