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              Elastomeric Shapes – Molded

              Elastomers (rubber, urethanes & other polymers) can be molded into most any shape imaginable for the user. There are specialty molded shapes that have their own identity; such as Balls, Bellows, Bumpers, Custom Molded Shapes, Diamond Seals, Directional Valves, Drop in Place, Grommets, Plugs and Bushings, H-Seals, Over-Molded & Sub Assemblies, Press-in-Place Seals, and Quad Rings. All molding methodologies are available; such as compression molding, transfer molding, injection molding, and, LIM (liquid injection molding). From geometrically, difficult one-out products to many millions of small parts; custom molding is a proven technology.

              Darcoid works with Parker which manufactures seals including, but not limited to, face seals, radial seals, valves, over molded shapes, isolators, grommets, etc.