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      With our extensive industry knowledge and our vendor partnerships, we listen to your needs and make sure to account for all the different aspects of choosing a seal. 

      Past experience shows that engaging with Darcoid as early as possible in your design phase maximizes your chances of achieving the best seal solution.

      • Selection of rubber material and grade for your application is dependent on several variables such as fluid environment, application temperature, design parameters, to name a few. 
      • We can improve your existing compound to better meet your specific needs, reverse engineer a lost compound, or design a new seal solution. 
      • If you’re reading this when you’re close to product release and your seals aren’t meeting your expectations, we can still help.  We’ll find you a seal solution to get the job done.   
      • Bring in our team at any stage of the process and accelerate your path to a successful production release.  
      Parker Hannifin Compounds

      Parker Hannifin Compounds

      Darcoid is an authorized distributor for Parker Engineered Materials Group (Formerly Parker Seal) and the longest continuous Parker distributor. Parker EMG has a wide selection of compounds that can meet your application requirements. With our 60 plus years working with Parker EMG, you can be sure that we are leveraging our experience and knowledge to help you make the best sealing decisions.

      PPE Compounds

      PPE Compounds

      Crest Technology is a licensed distributor for Precision Polymer Engineering.  PPE, the manufacturer of Perlast FFKM, specializes in advanced sealing solutions for critical applications for the semiconductor market.