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              Darcoid strives to be the extension of your design and engineering team, the people you can rely on to engineer the best solution to fit your unique application. 

              For over 60 years Darcoid has worked with customers in technically diverse markets to understand their unique industry challenges and help them develop the optimal seal package for their need. 

              Our collective engineering experience, collaboration with suppliers and their plants, and quality assurance guarantee to meet your specific end use.

              Aerospace / Military

              Aerospace / Military

              The global Aerospace and Defence market equipment that moves today’s industry is more reliable and highly engineered than ever before. This equipment uses technologically advanced sealing devices and materials that can keep pace with extremely high temperatures, and high and low pressures with aggressive chemicals. 

              We understand the specific needs the Aerospace industry is required to meet and offer a wide range of seals manufactured in a range of compounds that have the necessary industry approvals and ever increasing requirements for certification including (Military Specifications MIL, MS, AS9100,AN,MOD, ISO14001, ASTM, SAE).

              With our ISO Certified Quality Department and our experienced Supply Chain team you can count on Darcoid to deliver quality product that meet or exceed the Aerospace industries high performance standards.



              Darcoid has been heavily invested in the Filtration Industry for over 25 years providing full level 3 PPAPs and medical grade certifications. With a deep industry knowledge base and one of the most extensive inventories in the industry, we have the ability to showcase proven characteristics of seals in the Filtration Market. 


              Life Sciences

              Life Sciences

              Healthcare is a never-ending quest to develop emerging innovations and technologies to enhance and save lives. With decades of experience Darcoid has been a trusted partner in the breakneck advances being made in the Life Science industry. 

              Seals for life sciences have a variety of sealing challenges for critical components and processes. Used across medical devices, diagnostic drug delivery, pharmaceutical manufacturing and bio-tech we provide sealing solutions that meet the stringent quality and conformity requirements of the industry. 

              Certified to ISO 13485:2012 Quality Management System, Darcoid has materials available that are compliant to FDA (Food Drug Administration) and USP Class VI (United States Pharmacopeia). 

              Full batch traceability is maintained throughout the manufacturing process, giving OEMs confidence in the material and product originality. 

              Fluid Power Light Mobile

              Fluid Power Light Mobile

              Mountain bikes, cross country, downhill, trail, road, ATV, UTV, snow mobile, baja truck, or jet ski. If you’re riding it you’ll need to know you can keep control over the chop and brake reliably whenever you need it. Professional race-grade, high performance suspension and brakes need to do more with less:  more rider sensitivity and control in smaller, lighter packages.

              As these platforms continue to be innovated, the old generic seal designs move from tried and tested solutions to problems that need improving.  Darcoid gets it.  We specialize in optimizing seals for your demanding, high-performance brake and suspension requirements.  Smaller package size, lower friction, higher pressures, smokin’ temperatures and tighter tolerances means your faithful old o-ring just doesn't cut it anymore.

              We combine our industry fluency with material development, profile design chops and best-in-class manufacturing partners to bring you solutions that let your customers ride harder with more control.