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              Our Mission

              Customer success is our goal. We accomplish this for our customers by being seal focused, technically strong and providing superior quality systems for OEM's.

              We care about the seals that affect your business:

              • Our core values of respect, honesty, and integrity carry though in our seals. 
              • Our quality assurance program is best in class, inspecting over 40 million seals a year.
              • We manage global supply chain programs and ship over 80 million seals a year.
              • We maintain close relationships with our technical partners and suppliers with proven history of consistency and integrity of their compounds and materials.

              More Than A Seal. A Bond. 

              At Darcoid we live by our tagline: “More Than A Seal. A Bond.” It represents our goal of being more than just a seal provider, but rather an end to end solutions partner for our customers. We act as an extension of our customer’s team and build lasting partnerships to ensure they best sealing solutions for the long term. 

              About Us

              We are a private, family owned company located in Oakland, California. We’ve served our customers for over 65 years and we are the oldest continuing Parker Seal distributor (now called Parker Engineered Materials Group).

              Darcoid Rubber Company founded in 1947, as a fabricator of die cut gaskets. Nor-Cal Seal founded in 1954, as the first Parker Seal Distributor.